Carrie E Adams, LEED Green Associate

Interior Designer


Once receiving a degree in Interior Design at the University of Minnesota, Carrie pursued her passion for green design by becoming a LEED Green Associate. This innovative way of design will impact the future of the design world.

After her family moved from North Carolina to the Midwest, Carrie discovered a passion for design and was eager to continue her newly founded joy. She soon found herself advising family on placement of furniture, colors, and ideas further confirming that design was her future.

As an integral member of Kamarron Design, Carrie’s responsibilities include drawing floor plans, finishing design boards, researching products, assisting with on-site installs, and a variety of computer duties amongst other tasks. Embracing the high demand needs of the Kamarron Design, Inc. projects both domestic & international her talents are continuously evolving. Working with new and changeling aspects of an ever popular, cutting-edge design firm, Carrie finds her skill set constantly developing.

Carrie is inspired by the endless opportunities the design industry has to offer. The idea of designing something new and innovative on each project motivates her to be creative. She is excited for her future knowing that in today’s society an Interior Designer has a more important role than ever before.

Carrie’s love for interior design has been amplified by her work at Kamarron Design, Inc. She is thrilled to be a part of this award winning team.