Kara A. Karpenske, IFDA, IDS, BBB, NEWH

Principal Designer/CEO

Interior Design is a passion for the Founder of Kamarron Design, Inc., Kara A. Karpenske. She has created a well established name within the design community. Kara’s portfolio is tastefully balanced in all areas of residential and commercial design. Extensive experience has allowed her trend setting talent to emerge in the broad spectrum of design styles.

Kara is known amongst her clients for her sharp eye and ability to express it. Able to glean owners’ style preferences mere moments after stepping into their homes, Kara has delighted even the most apprehensive clients. She is known for her uncanny foresight to see a finished project and is well versed in balancing color, texture, and scale. Kara’s innovative ability to conceive solutions to challenging projects has earned her a reputation with her clients and also her associates. Although her design philosophy involves beginning with clean, classic lines and then adding lots of unique details, she directs her focus to the client’s lifestyle and predilection. She prides herself on designing for any budget, ensuring that luxury remains affordable to all.

Karpenske’s talents are not only nationwide, but also international as she frequently works throughout Mexico & the Caribbean. Frequent travels inspire her with fresh ideas giving special influence to each project. Her clients range from savvy smart families who want to plan purchases correctly to celebrities, musicians, professional athletes, and large scale commercial clientele. Her artistry has won her several prestigious awards and appearances in many publications including magazines, books, and television appearances.

Kara attended the University of Wisconsin and has served on the board of directors for the International Furnishings and Design Association as Vice President. She is also a member of the International Design Society. In 2010 and 2011, Kara & Kamarron Design were honored for ethics in business by the Better Business Bureau Integrity Award as a Finalist. Her most recent endeavor entails being a talk show host on myTALK 107.1. She hosts the new show HOMEtalk, based on residential design.