Faux or No?

Faux or No?
This time of year we all start cozying up inside and seeing less and less greenery outside. It’s the perfect time to liven things up inside…literally! Now some of you may be worried about the upkeep of greenery in your home. Luckily there are lots of options for “tough” plants that can withstand the test of time without much lighting or maintenance… here are two of our favorites!
If you’re looking for real plants to clean the air in your home, the snake plant (below; right) and the dragon tree (below; left) are two very sturdy simple plants to brighten up your home.

These classic plants are very easy to care for as long as you keep them in plant liners with drainage holes to prevent root rot. Through trial and error, I can tell you from personal experience what I have found works best for these wonderful plants!
Roughly once a month, take your plant (in its liner pot) out of its decorative planter and run it under water until the dirt is completely saturated. You can even set all of your plants in the shower and run the water over them for a few minutes and leave them in there to drain for the remainder of the day. You want to soil to be damp through out and allow all of the water to drain out of the holes and dry before returning your plant to its decorative planter.
Sometimes caring for plants in your home is easier said than done…we get it! We struggle with it too! Luckily, the faux plants available today are not only extremely realistic but they also… drum roll please… require no maintenance whatsoever!

We love to add texture to full tile bathrooms through the use of faux plants such as moss and
tall grasses. In one of the photos below we have combined tall grasses with painted reeds in a tall
clear glass vase to fill the void above the toilet and add movement to the space.  We did the same thing in the other photo, except we used faux floral.



Either way you choose to do it- faux or no? Adding any type of greenery in your home helps
to bring the outside in. Savoring every bit of greenery we can during these winter months is
important! Bringing these plants into your home during the holiday season will breath life into
your traditional holiday décor. Think about adding a metallic planter or bold holiday hue
planter to jazz up your plants this holiday season!