Why Hire an Interior Designer

Why hire an Interior designer?

Many people ask this same question.  In this BLOG we will do our best to answer this question so, why hire an interior designer?

Well Interior Designers are professionals; we have experience, education & resources.

Kamarron Design focuses on your Whole Home, with the goal of having your home flow while tying the entire space & overall look together.

Kara (owner of Kamarron & principal designer) meets with clients to see & hear about your current style & what you want.

Kamarron Design can work with your budget as we carry goods from manufactures across the board.  We are able to reduce the middle man & hold discounts from all of our vendors which are substantially below retail.

We can help you avoid costly mistakes by suggesting materials & furnishings that work in your home & your lifestyle.

Time is an issue; face it we are all very busy and sometimes floor plans, paint colors & accessories are the last thing you want to think about after a long day.  Let someone else that does this type of work full time do this for you.

Want that WOW factor?  Who doesn’t want people to walk into their homes and say WOW!!! We can help you get that!

Kara can SEE what you can’t.  We are not all visual people & that is okay!  Just like we are not all doctors.  We are able to SEE things that you don’t.  Let us help!

Lastly interior designers work with all types of life, we are able to work with all budgets and environments.

So when you are ready to make your house your HOME, do your research on designers

and let us know if we can be of any help!